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Alex Award and Why It Matters

I was really pleased with this year’s Alex Awards because it meant I could cross a book of my GoodReads list while reading a book for class.  The list was full of exciting titles, from vampire families in suburbia to modern mystery/fairytales, it was a hard choice to make.  I ended up going with Room by Emma Donoghue after reading Ron Charles’ review, which made me reconsider my initial impressions that Room seemed too much like an episode of Law and Order:  SVU.

Room is narrated by five-year-old Jack, who has been living in a small structure with his mother since he was born.  They have been imprisoned by Ma’s kidnapper, Old Nick,  and are provided with food, a few books, and a television to pass the time.  The story details the insularity of Room, which Jack has named, alongside every other object  in the space.  What could have been an emotionally draining plot turns out to be a moving and sweet story of relationships and how one understands the world in which they exist. Continue reading


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